ACTIVITIES at our guest house

Are you looking for peace and quiet? Or excitement and adventure?
Here you can find something to suit everyone.
Enjoy a few days off at our guest house. Get away from everyday stress.

Pensionat Udden
Bastu vid sjön

You can see wildlife such as Moose, Wolf, Beaver, Ospreys, Black grouse and Capercaillie.
You can enjoy walks in the forest or trekking along different marked trails.

  • Fishing, another way to try your luck is to try catching char, trout, perch, pike or pikeperch.
    Most methods of fishing are permitted, spin, fly, worm depending on season
    and the area offers a variety of waters, be it small brooks, rivers, tarns or inland lakes.
    You can even try ice fishing in the winter, it can be very exiting peeking through the hole in the ice
    seeing the fish take your lure.
  • Beaver safari. We glide slowly and quietly to Hedströmmen at the edge of our guest house
    to see the beavers at the edge of the beach and in the water.
  • A quite boat tour on the lake, choose between rowing or smoothly gliding on our electrically powered
    pontoon boat.. The pontoon boat holds 8 people and will take you silently across the lake "Storsjön".
  • If you are interested in history or genealogy there is an abundance of information to be collected in the area.
    Between 1942 -1944 our guest house hosted Russian prisoners of war.
    The Russian refugees had escaped from German prison camps
    in Finland and Norway where they had been held captive and used
    as slaves to build railways and roads.
    At the end of the war in 1945 most of the Russian refugees were sent
    home to Russia, an arrangement that for a long time has been kept secret.
    After the war, the use of the house also changed.
    From 1945 the house offered refuge for Norwegian women
    who during the occupationof Norway had fallen in love with
    German Soldiers and been threatened with reprisals back in
    their home country.
    Much more on the history of Russian refugee camps in Sweden can be found
    in a Swedish book "Krampen" written by Hans Lundgren.